[Technical] OSM Complete Installation Guide, Troubleshooting & FAQ


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Nov 7, 2018
The OSM Launcher (Windows only)
The easiest way to download OSM! Everything is automated for you! The launcher will automatically install the game files and update theme whenever needed.
[Update - Launcher v.0.2] The launcher now auto-updates itself
[Update - Launcher v.0.2] Automatic patching/updating/downloading based on a file by file basis. (This way if we have just one file that needs to be updated, everyone will just download that one file instead of the entire client.).
NOTE: This guide no longer supports older versions of the OSM Launcher. It's recommended that you uninstall any old version of the launcher (before 23rd of Jan, 2019) as it may interfere with the launcher's installation.
1) Download the Launcher Installer. Common Errors [SECTION 3 | Spoiler 4, 9, 10]

2) Run the Installer Common Errors [SECTION 3 | Spoiler 3, 11]
3) Launcher Installation Common Errors [SECTION 3 | Spoiler 3]
  1. Choose if you'd like to have an installation on the current user, or on all users (which requires admin permissions)
  2. Browse and choose the location where you want to install THE OSM LAUNCHER.
    Your chosen location for the LAUNCHER is referred to as installerPATH in this guide.
    Please keep in mind that you will need to exclude that directory (installerPATH) in the next step.
    By default your launcher will install in either directories:
C:\Users\****\ AppData\Local\Programs\Old-School-Maple
C:\Users\****\ AppData\Roaming\Old School Maple

where **** is your pc-name
FOR PROPER INSTALLATION, CHECK-OFF (DISABLE) Run OldSchool Maple and finish the installation
4) Add the installerPATH /or/ the default paths to exception list. How? [SECTION 2 | Spoiler 1]
5) Launching the Launcher Common Errors [SECTION 3 | Spoiler 12]
This is just a checkpoint. Make sure you have excluded your installerPATH before continuing.
From your desktop, right click on OLD SCHOOL MAPLE and run as administrator.
6) Installing OSM
  1. Browse the location where you want to install OSM DATA FILES.
    Your chosen location for OSM DATA FILES is referred to as osmPATH in this guide
    Make sure osmPATH is not the same as installerPATH
    Add osmPATH to exception list. You should already be familiar with this from step 4
    How? [SECTION 2 | Spoiler 1]
  3. Click on DONE - Allow the launcher to install OSM
Manual Installation
Follow these steps in the same order to ensure proper manual installation
  1. Create a folder, call it "OSM"
  2. Exclude the just created "OSM" folder from your Windows Defender & any other antivirus software.
    [SECTION 2 | Spoiler 1] - look for the first spoiler in section 2 to know how to exclude a file
  3. Download the client (manual version) || Mirror: Use this if the first link is not working
  4. Drag the downloaded .zip/.rar to the "OSM" folder
  5. Right click on the downloaded .zip/.rar ---> Extract Here
  6. Launch OSM from either clients located in the "OSM" folder
  • Notes
    • IMPORTANT: Repeat from [Step 3] every time an update is pushed.
  • Troubleshooting
    • Problems with [Step 3]: [SECTION 3 | Spoiler 4, 8, 9, 10, 11] - look for these spoilers in section 3
    • Problems with [Step 6]:
      • Case 1: Gr2D Error / Parameter Error : [SECTION 3 | Spoiler 1]
      • Case 2: Invalid Pointer : [SECTION 3 | Spoiler 5]
      • Case 3: Unable to connect to Old School Maple:
        If both our servers & your internet are NOT down
        • Either you haven't excluded the "OSM" folder correctly
          • Re-exclude the folder [SECTION 2 | Spoiler 1]
          • Restore quarantined files from windows defender +/- other antivirus [SECTION 2 | Spoiler 2]
          • Try Launching OSM - if still not working follow next step:
        • Or your windows firewall is blocking OSM
          • [SECTION 2 | Spoiler 3]
        • Or your router is blocking OSM
          • [SECTION 2 | Spoiler 4]
Manual Installation (MAC)
1) Download the Compressed files. Common Errors [SECTION 3 | Spoiler 4, 9, 10]
Main: https://mac.oldschoolmaple.com
Mirror: https://mac.oldschoolmaple.com/mirror
2) Install XQuartz-OSM.pkg
Double click on the downloaded .dmg, you should see two .pkg files. Double click on XQuartz-OSM.pkg and install it.
- This version of XQuartz is specifically for OSM, so even if you've installed XQuartz previously, please install it again.
- You only have to install XQuartz-OSM.pkg ONCE. For all future installations/patches of OSM, you can skip installing XQuartz-OSM.pkg (Just make sure you don't update it though).
Now double click on OSM-XXX-XXX.pkg and follow the steps to install.
- If you get a popup saying that the pkg can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer, open up Security & Privacy and at the bottom, you can allow the .pkg to be opened.
- Through the launcher
- Through Windowed/FullScreen OSM Clients
- Full-Screen can be toggled using [Alt + Enter]
- Launch Old School Maple from your /Applications folder
- Full-Screen can be toggled using [Command + Enter]
Common Errors [SECTION 3 | Spoiler 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 11]
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Nov 7, 2018

Windows defender, Windows Firewall & Other Antivirus - WINDOWS
Port-Forwarding - WINDOWS & MAC

Are the OSM Launcher and Client safe? Why does my WindowsDefender/Anti-Virus flag OSM as a virus?
Yes! OSM Launcher/Client are 100% Safe.
This is a false-positive that happens with most private servers and is not limited to OSM.

We have had to add in our host's IP address into the client, make edits to the client like removing GameGuard and patch checks. Having these edits and adding the IP address (unencrypted) of our host into the client triggers the virus protection software to recognize the .exe as malicious and prompts you to the "potential danger".
Excluding OSM Folder from Windows Defender
  1. Search --> "Windows Defender"
  2. Click Virus & Threat Protection.
  3. Under Virus & threat protection settings, click Manage settings.
  4. Scroll down to Exclusions and select Add or remove exclusions.
  5. Click + Add an exclusion.
  6. Click folder.
  7. In the address bar type in C:\Users\<pcname>\AppData\Roaming\Old School Maple.
  8. Click Select Folder.
  9. Right click on Old School Maple One-Click Setup, click Run as administrator.
  10. Let the installer do it's job and enjoy OSM
  • Enter in C:\AppData\Roaming\Old School Maple if there is no PC user profile.
  • If you do not have a C: drive, please enter in the correct drive label.
  • If the installer freezes, try running the setup without "run as an administrator"
Excluding OSM Folder from Anti-Virus
This is antivirus dependent, a lot of guides exist online and the steps must be similar to windows defender.
Most Common Antivirus - You can suggest an antivirus
Avast: Folder Exclusion
Kaspersky: Folder Exclusion
Norton: Folder Exclusion
McAfee: Folder Exclusion
NOTE: if your antivirus gets uninstalled or disabled (e.g., suspended subscription), windows defender automatically works. Make sure to create an exception and restore any deleted files.
Restoring a quarantined OSM file from windows defender
Most probably you just need to restore the removed files from quarantine. No need to re-install.
Follow these steps to restore a file:

  1. Search for "Virus & Threat Protection" - Open it
  2. Choose Threat History (First one)
  3. Scroll down to quarantined threats
  4. Allow any quarantined files that are affiliated to OSM
  5. Exclude osmPATH and installerPATH
Restoring a quarantined OSM file from Anti-Virus
This is antivirus dependent, a lot of guides exist online and the steps must be similar to windows defender.
Most Common Antivirus - You can suggest an antivirus
Avast: Restore a Quarantined File
Kaspersky: Restore a Quarantined File
Norton: Restore a Quarantined File
McAfee: Restore a Quarantined File
NOTE: if your antivirus gets uninstalled or disabled (e.g., suspended subscription), windows defender automatically works. Make sure to create an exception and restore any deleted files.
  1. Open Windows Defender Security Center
  2. Click on Firewall & Network Protection
  3. Click on Allow an app through Firewall
  4. Click Change Settings
  5. Click on Allow another app..
  6. Locate OSM
    If installed through the launcher it should be in:
    C:\Users\<pcname>\AppData\Roaming\Old School Maple\Data
  7. Check (enable) on private and public.
  8. Click on OK
How to port-forward port#8484
  1. Login to your router via the default gateway address
    if you know how to do this, skip the next two spoilers.
    - Windows Button + [R]
    - Type in CMD, press OK
    - Type in ipconfig, in the prompted window, then press enter/return.
    - Look for the IP address next to Default gateway, open any web browser and input the IP address into the Address Bar located at the top and press “Enter/Return” on your keyboard.
    - Apple Icon > System Preferences > Network
    - Your default gateway will appear next to “Router
    - Open any web browser and input the IP address into the Address Bar located at the top and press “Enter/Return” on your keyboard.
  2. Enter your router credentials into the login page.
    if you know how to do this, skip the following spoiler.
    - Your router credentials should be on a sticker on the bottom of your router.
    - If not, by default most routers have both username & password as "admin"
    - Exceptions:
    [Belkin & D-Link] Username: admin || password: -(leave blank)-
    [Netgear] Username: admin || password: password
    [Zyxel] Username: admin || password: 1234
  3. Locate the port forwarding settings. Typically this will be under Advanced and then Port Forwarding or Virtual Server.
  4. On the Port Forwarding page enter in a name “OSM”. Then enter the port# 8484 in the port field.
  5. Select “TCP/UDP” or “Both” under Protocol if you are unsure which protocol you are using.
  6. Next, enter the internal IP address of the device (go back to step 1)
  7. Click “Apply” or “Save” to store the changes.
  8. To ensure you have done everything correctly, try typing 8484 in http://www.portchecktool.com/
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Nov 7, 2018
Keywords added, use Ctrl+F to easily find your issue.​
Troubleshooting & FAQ
Multiple solutions exist (depending on your graphic card and monitor), one of them or a combination of multiple might be required to fix your issue.
Play in windowed mode
Running OSM in windowed mode will most probably solve your problem.
Update your drivers || Simply Run Windows Update
  • Check your DirectX version and update to the latest.
    • Latest version is DirectX12 (can only be upgraded through windows defender)
    • To check your DirectX version
      • Start > Run
      • Type in "DxDiag" > Ok
      • On the System tab, note the version of DirectX displayed on the DirectX Version line.
      • On the DirectX Files tab, check the version information for each DirectX file.
        • If Windows cannot find the dxdiag program, DirectX version 5.0 or earlier is installed on your computer. If this is the case, download and install the current version of DirectX.
  • Update your graphic card drivers
Change your client's compatibility - Most important
1. Right click the client (Not the launcher)
2. Properties
3. Compatibility
4. Run in compatibility for
5. Anything windows below windows 8 might work, give all of them a try
Recommended: Windows 98/Windows ME/Windows 7
+/- Check off "Reduced Color Mode" (Try in both cases for every compatibility mode)
+/- In [General] check off "read only"
+/- Run As Administrator (Try in both cases for every compatibility mode)
Change your screen resolution
1. Start > Control Panel
2. Appearance and Personalization > Adjust screen resolution.
3. Click the drop-down list next to Resolution, move the slider to 800x600, and then click Apply.
4. Click Keep to use the new resolution, or click Revert to go back to the previous resolution.
Modifying monitor frequency
Make sure your monitor is set to 60Hz or higher and not 59Hz or lower
Multiple Monitors
If you're using an HDMI cable or playing on an external monitor, unplug all of your monitors and run OSM on the main one.
Resolving with DxWnd - Forced windowed mode
DxWnd Guide (By SKCM)
[intel graphics card] - Change screen resolution
From Intel Graphics properties, change screen resolution to 800x600
  • [LAUNCHER] Toggle between Windowed and full screen
  • [MANUAL] Either launch Windowed or Full screen clients from your OSM folder
  • If one of either is not working, try launching OSM with the working client and [Alt+Enter] in-game.
  • If one of either is not working, and [Alt+Enter] is not. Try the following options
  • Enable windows built-in administrator account
    • Start, search for CMD
    • Run CMD as an admin
    • Click continue when prompted by user account control
    • At the command prompt, type net user administrator /active:yes, and then press ENTER
    • Type net user administrator <Password>, and then press ENTER.
      • Note: replace <Password> with your password which you want to set to administrator account.
    • Type exit, and then press ENTER.
    • Log off the current user account.
    • Install the launcher in this account.
Other Solution
Manually install OSM
  • This problem is mainly affiliated with Google Chrome, if that's your case or not, try downloading using another browser (Edge usually works fine).
Outdated Files! Please update OSM through the launcher or by re-downloading OSM from the website
Try the manual installation as it's the simplest and an always working solution.
Solution 1: Clear your cache and try again
Solution 2: Try using another browser (edge/explorer/safari)
Look for the latest download files on https://oldschoolmaple.com
Look for the latest download files on our discord https://discord.oldschoolmaple.com
While downloading, report a broken download link to one of our staff members.
All of our links are direct download links, please try another browser.
Recommended: Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari
You might encounter this issue since our launcher is not recognized by Windows App Store.
Simply click on More Details then Run Anyway.
This is because OSM launcher is running in the background.
  1. Right Click on your taskbar and choose Task Manager (or use Ctrl+Alt+Delete)
  2. From processes, look for anything affiliated with OSM and end its process
  3. Re-run OSM launcher as administrator
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Dec 15, 2018
Eternal Doggo Heaven
  • How to play the game in windowed or full screen mode?
    • preparing
Hello yZak your, FAQ spoiler tab on the 2nd post still states the preparing, is it just a guide about directly changing the window to windowed or fullscreen ingame without any external 3rd party apps right? I guess or maybe you are also preparing a guide so that Mac players could play in fullscreen/windowed too? But overall still nice work on keeping the whole thing short as well.


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Apr 28, 2019
I keep getting a message that d3dx9_43.dll was not found, reinstalling may fix the problem. I have tried reinstalling 3 times and adding Windows Defender exclusion on the folders I am installing too. Any ideas?
Jun 19, 2019
nevermind now im getting(0xc000007b) windows is up to date and even repaired c drive

****UPDATE: I've tried updating Microsoft .Net / Direct X / Visual C++ / Shockwave / and Java and I'm still having the same trouble. I've run chkdsk / defrag and still getting same error. I run the program "Run as Administrator". I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling launcher and downloading manual install several times. Can't seem to diagnose the issue.

I'm running Windows 8.1. My next step is trying to install original maplestory to see if it'll run on my cpu. I've played maple before on my cpu and not sure what the problem is. Any assistance is much appreciated